Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bills at comittee stage

Submitted by Constituency Date Bill Stage
STATE   14/10/2009 Penal Code Committee
Ibranim Mutholib Fares Maathoda 20/10/2009 Amendment to Law 2/2008 - Employment Law Committee
Mohamed Nasheed Kulhudhuffushi (DH) 21/12/2009 Privatisation Bill Committee
STATE   10/11/2009 Evidence Bill Committee
Ibrahim Mutholib Fares Maathoda 18/11/2009 Prohibition of places of worship other than mosques Committee
STATE   3/03/2010 Freedom of Information Bill Committee
STATE   22/03/2010 Narcotics Bill Committee
Rozaina Adam Thulusdhoo 29/03/2010 Soft loans for women Committee
Mohamed Nasheed Kulhudhuffushi (DH) 5/01/2010 Public Health Bill Committee
STATE   12/04/2010 Crime Prevention Bill Committee
Mohamed Nasheed Kulhudhuffushi (DH) 14/04/2010 Tenancy Bill Committee
STATE   19/04/2010 Political Parties Bill Committee
Abdul Azeez Jamaal Aboobakuru Maavashu 8/06/2010 Qaraar - Islam and Dhivehi on syllabus Committee
Riyaz Rasheed Vilifushi 9/06/2010 Private Security Bill Committee
Afrashim Ali Ugoofaaru 14/06/2010 Amendment to Law 6/94 (Religious Unity Law) Committee
Mohamed Nasheed Nolhivaram 22/06/2010 National Health Insurance Bill Committee
Ibrahim Mutholib Fares Maathoda 29/06/2010 Amendment to Law 5/2008 - Police Law. Committee
Ahmed Mahloof Galolhu Dhekunu 12/07/2010 Privilege Issue - Resingation of Ministers Committee
STATE   13/07/2010 PRISONS and PAROLE Bill Committee
STATE   13/07/2010 Civil Aviation Authority Bill Committee
STATE   13/07/2010 Rights and Protection of Passengers by air bill Committee
Ahmed Esa Kendhikulhudhoo 3/08/2010 Amendment to Law 2/2008 - Employment Law Committee
Rozaina Adam Thulusdhoo 4/10/2010 Domestic Violence Bill Committee
Abdul Azeez Jamaal Aboobakuru Maavashu 11/10/2010 National Education Bill Committee
Riyaz Rasheed Vilifushi 12/10/2010 Amendment to Law 10/96 - Company Law Committee
Riyaz Rasheed Vilifushi 12/10/2010 Public Enterprise Commission Bill Committee
STATE   25/10/2010 Social Protection bill Committee
Abdul Azeez Jamaal Aboobakuru Maavashu 1/11/2010 Amendment to Law 1/2007 - Immigration Law Committee
Hassan Latheef Hithadhoo (DH) 25/11/2010 Amendement to Law 7/2010 - Decentralisation Law Committee
Riyaz Rasheed Vilifushi 25/11/2010 Workers strike bill Committee
Shifag Mufeed Fuahmulaku Medhu 9/12/2010 Amendement to Law 7/2010 - Decentralisation Law Committee
Mohamed Musthafa Thimarafushi 5/01/2011 Amendment to Law 6/81 - MMA Law 1981 Committee
Abdul Azeez Jamaal Aboobakuru Maavashu 7/03/2011 Amendment to Law 13/2010 - Judges Law Committee
Riyaz Rasheed Vilifushi 7/03/2010 Amendment to Law 2/2008 - Employment Law Committee
Abdul Raheem Abdulla Fonadhoo 7/03/2011 Arrest Warrants bill Committee
STATE   8/03/2011 Parliamentry Privileges Bill Committee
Mohamed Nasheed Kulhudhuffushi (DH) 8/03/2011 National Wage Bill Committee
Hassan Latheef Hithadhoo (DH) 8/03/2011 Amendement to Law 7/2010 - Decentralisation Law Committee
Eva Abdulla Galolhu Uthuru 14/03/2011 Prevention of Torture bill Committee
Shifag Mufeed Fuahmulaku Medhu 21/03/2011 Amendement to Law 7/2010 - Decentralisation Law Committee
Ahmed Mahloof Galolhu Dhekunu 11/04/2011 Amendement to Law 2/09 - Tourism Law Committee
Ibrahim Mutholib Fares Maathoda 17/04/2011 Amendement to Law 2/2010 - Parole Law Committee
STATE   18/04/2011 Approval for Minister Committee
STATE   18/04/2011 Approcal - IOCT membership for Maldives Committee
Ibrahim Mutholib Fares Maathoda 14/06/2011 Amendement to Law 8/2009 - Pension Law Committee
Abdul Raheem Abdulla Fonadhoo 27/06/2011 Police Integrity Commission Bill Committee
STATE   18/07/2011 Natinal Health Police bill Committee
Abdulla Abdul Raheed (Gov) Maafannu Hulhagu 18/07/2011 Business Profit Tax Bill Committee
Ilyas Labeeb (Gov) Hulhumeedhoo 18/07/2011 Personal Income Tax bill Committee
Mohamed Shifaz (Gov) Baarsahu 19/07/2011 Amendment to Law 3/2010 - Tax Administration Law Committee
Afrashim Ali Ugoofaaru 20/07/2010 1st reading of National Islamic University Bill Committee
Afrashim Ali Ugoofaaru 21/07/2011 Qaraar - Quran on syllabus Committee
Mohamed Musthafa Thimarafushi 2/08/2011 1st Reading Maumoon / Yamin 800 Mil investigation Committee
Ali Riza (Gov) Milandhoo 10/08/2011 Business Registration Bill Committee
Abdul Gafoor (Gov) Kulhudhuffushi (U) 23/08/2011 Property (land) Bill Committee
Ahmed Abdulla (Gov) Ihavandhoo 23/08/2011 Mortgage Bill Committee
Riyaz Rasheed Vilifushi 10/10/2011 Qaraar - Fishermens' sibsidy Committee
Moosa Manik (Gov) Hulhuhenveyru 18/10/2011 Amendment to Law 1/2007 - Immigration Law Committee
Ahmed Esa (Gov) Kendhikulhudhoo 19/10/2011 Responsibilty of state expenses bill Committee
Nazim Rashaad (Gov) Thulhaadhoo 22/11/2011 Small and Medium Business Bill Committee
Mohamed Rasheed (Gov) Machangolhi Dhekunu 19/12/2011 Private Business Bill Committee

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Attendance for 2010

After some time with a group of dedicated friends we are starting work on this project again. We hope to have regular updates now.

Constituency Name Sitting Attend Absent On Leave Med Leave
A01 Hoarafushi Ahmed Rasheed 95 80 11 4  
A02 Ihavandhoo Ahmed Abdulla 95 88 4    
A03 Baarah Mohamed Shifaz 95 87   8  
A04 Dhidhdhoo Ahmed Sameer 95 95      
A05 Kelaa Dr.Abdulla Mausoom 95 95      
B01 Hanimaadhoo Mohamed Mujthaz 95 92 3    
B02 Nolhivaram Mohamed Nasheed 95 88 4 1 2
B03 Vaikaradhoo Ali Arif 95 90 2 1 2
B04 Kulhudhuffushi  (U) Abdul Ghafoor Moosa 95 92     3
B04 Kulhudhuffushi  (D) Mohamed Nasheed 95 93 2    
C01 Kanditheemu Mohamed Hussain 95 78 2 2 13
C02 Milandhoo Ali Riza 95 88   4 3
C03 Komandoo Hussain Waheed 95 80 10 5  
C04 Funadhoo Ali Saleem 95 87 5 3  
D01 Kendhikulhudhoo Ahmed Easa 95 83 7   5
D02 Manadhoo Mohamed Thariq 95 78   2 12
D03 Velidhoo Ali Mohamed 95 81 1 2 11
E02 Alifushi Mohamed Nashiz 95 81 8 6  
E02 Ungoofaaru Afrasheem Ali 95 92 2 1  
E03 Dhuvaafaru Mohamed Zubair 95 80 8 4 2
E04 Inguraidhoo Hamdoon Abdul Hameed 95 89 5 1  
E05 Maduvvari Visaam Ali 95 90 2    
F01 Thulhaadhoo Naazim Rashaad 95 85 2 1 7
F02 Eydhafushi Ahmed Saleem 95 80 14 1  
F03 Kendhoo Ahmed Thasmeen Ali 95 93 2    
G01 Hinnavaru Ibrahim Mohamed Solih 95 90 2   3
G02 Naifaru Ahmed Mohamed 95 92 1 2  
G03 Kurendhoo Ahmed Moosa 95 94   1  
H01 Kaashidhoo EMPTY 95 85 9 1  
H02 Thulusdhoo Rozaina Adam 95 90 2 3  
H03 Guraidhoo Ibrahim Riza 95 90 2 3  
U01 Mathiveri Hussain Mohamed 95 89 6    
U02 Thoddoo Ali Waheed 95 88 3    
I01 Maamigili Gasim Ibrahim 95 88 3 1 3
I02 Mahibadhoo Rugiyya Mohamed 95 92   3  
J01 Felidhoo Yoosuf Naeem 95 81 13    
J02 Keyodhoo Abdulla Shahid 95 92      
K01 Dhiggaru Ahmed Nazim 95 80 4 1 7
K02 Mulah Abdulla Yameen A.Gayyoom 95 73 19   3
L01 Bilaiydhoo Ahmed Hamza 95 87 3 1 4
L02 Nilandhoo Abdul Muhsin Mohamed 95 90 2 3  
M01 Meedhoo Ahmed Shiyam Mohamed 95 58 22   15
M02 Kuda Huvadhoo Ahmed Amir 95 95      
N01 Vilifushi Riyaz Rasheed 95 94 1    
N02 Thimarafisho EMPTY 95 91     4
N03 Kinbidhoo Moosa Zameer 95 81 6 6 1
O01 Isdhoo Ahmed Rasheed Ibrahim 95 90 5    
O02 Gan Yoosuf Abdul Gafoor 95 94   1  
O03 Fonadhoo Abdul Raheem Abdulla 95 93 2    
O04 Maavah Abdul Azeez J.Abubakuru. 95 91 1    
P01 Vilingili Mohamed Ramiz 95 72 14 9  
P02 Dhaandhoo Mohamed Riyaz 95 94   1  
P03 Gemanafushi Ilham Ahmed 95 87 5 3  
Q01 Thinadhoo Mohamed Qasam 95 92 1 2  
Q02 Madaveli Mohamed Nazim 95 92 1 2  
Q03 Fares Maathodaa Ibrahim Muthalib 95 94     1
Q04 Gadhdhoo Zahir Adam 95 67 7 16 5
R01 Fuvahmulah (U) Mohamed Rafeeq Hassan 95 95      
R02 Fuvahmulah (M) Shifaq Mufeed 95 85 3 3 4
R02 Fuvahmulah (D) Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed 95 95      
S01 Hulhumeedhoo Ilyas Labeeb 95 93   2  
S02 Maradhoo Alhan Fahmy 95 73 21 1  
S03 Feydhoo Hassan Adil 95 83 9    
S04 Hithadhoo (U) Mohamed Aslam 95 79 8 5  
S05 Hithadhoo (M) Mohamed Rasheed 95 83 3 1 7
S06 Hithadhoo (D) Hassan Latheef 95 95      
T01 Hulhuhenveyru Moosa Maniku 95 80 7 8  
T02 Medhuhenveyru Ali Azim 95 79 10 6  
T03 Henveyru Dhekunu Hamid Abdul Gafoor 95 91 4    
T04 Galolhu Uthuru Eva Abdulla 95 90   2  
T05 Galolhu Dhekunu Ahmed Mahloof 95 88   7  
T06 Mahchangolhi (U) Mariya Ahmed Didi 95 87 3 4 1
T07 Mahchangolhi (D) Mohamed Rasheed 95 95      
T08 Maafannu (U) Imthiyaz Fahmy 95 88     7
T09 Maafannu (H) Abdullah Abdul Raheem 95 83 10 1  
T10 Maafannu Dhekunu Ibrahim Rasheed 95 93   1  
T11 Vilimaafannu Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik 95 88   7  
Average     86.9 3.9 1.9 1.6

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dinners of Ministers paid by the public !

Originally published on 16/05/2006


The announcement of increase of allowances and other perks to the Members of the Special Majlis have been met with public outrage. The comments on this news have received an unusually high response of which almost all are negative.

The Special Majlis has been convened for nearly two years and have only the Rules of Procedure to show for their two years work. Attendance has been poor and the general public has for long been discontent with their performance, regardless of political beliefs.

clip_image004It is ironic to hear this announcement, only a day after the Deputy Zaeem of DRP Mr.Shiyam gave a surprising speech on loyalty and sincerity to the constituents during the continuation of the debate of the type of Government for Maldives, where he said that “even the slice of fish on the dinner tables of Cabinet Ministers are paid for by the public”. He also covered quite an area of how highly paid Cabinet Ministers were not serving enough to justify their salaries. We know now, that the fiery speech was all a public relation ploy, to strengthen his position as the decision on the increase of allowances would have been taken when this speech was given, but this matter was not mentioned. How would he justify the Rf 19,000/- , almost 10 times the salary of an average public servant who works 5 days a week being paid to people who do not have any worries about salary deductions or any other consequence if they do not show up for work.

Mr.Shiyam got an ovation (as per the Speaker a first and requested it to be the last) from the Members present, probably for the scathing attacks he made on the Cabinet. Rather than a DRP top brass, he sounded more as though he was from the Opposition camp. In a separate article we will analyze his speech as it is not within the subject of this article.

If there is even one member who really works for the interest of the people, why is it that we do not hear of a Bill that one person should not be able to draw more than one salary from the public? There are so many people in the Government, who have been appointed with multiple posts. As every job has its working hours, is it possible for anyone person to complete the working hours of 2 or more jobs? Are we that short of people that 3 or 4 posts need to be filled by one person? Why do we talk about unemployment?

Lets take the case of a senior Civil Servant in a Government Ministry, also being a Member of the People’s Majlis (MP). Being a MP, automatically includes the member in the People’s Special Majlis. The working hours of the Majlis and Public service are in the same time frame, hence the person will either be attending a session of the Majlis (either People’s Majlis or Peopl’s Special Majlis) or at the time of the Majlis be doing his job in his office. If he is absent from either of the places there will be difficulties which arise from that absence, if not the position would naturally be assumed to be a waste which is not required in the first place. In this scenario, we the public are paying the person :

1 – A salary and allowance for the job in the Civil Service

2 – A salary and allowance for being a MP

3 – A salary and allowance for being a MSP

How do the Members in the Parliament who claim to be protecting the citizens of Maldives justify this? The citizens of Maldives would not mind paying for a service they get from individuals, but this is plainly day light robbery. In most countries, a sitting Parliament cannot decide on their own salaries, rather any decisions they take will be for the next Parliament or Legislative Council. The way our systems works, it only encourages members to lengthen their tenure in the People’s Special Majlis as they do not have a limitation on their term.

Do we blame this also on Maumoon? The short comings of the last Consitution have been blamed of the President repeatedly, by those opposed to him. However it is clear now that this was something in which the Members themselves have been complacent as much. They got what they wanted and the Government got the Constitution as per their requirement. Everyone except the poor citizens were happy. The equation is still the same, though the “x” and “y” may have been replaced by “a” and “b”. It’s a matter of how a compromise is reached between the Government and those members inside now, and how soon the team can make each other happy. Who bother about us, the people?

Friday, January 27, 2012

John Glen MP is an inhuman, insensitive b#st#rd.*


House of Commons – UK – 26th january 2012 - Link




John Glen (Salisbury) (Con): Will the Leader of the House urgently make time for a debate on judicial reform in the Republic of the Maldives? Although the judiciary is constitutionally independent, sitting judges are underqualified, often corrupt and hostile to the democratically elected regime.

Sir George Young: The Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, my hon. Friend the Member for North East Bedfordshire (Alistair Burt), is seized of this problem and is in touch with the Maldives President to see whether we can resolve the impasse. The high commission in Colombo is also engaged. We want to help the Maldives to make progress towards democratic reform in the direction that my hon. Friend the Member for Salisbury (John Glen) outlines..

Have you not done enough damage to us? We dont need a debate in House of Commons and another standard British type committee to look into it. You say our Judges are unqualified?  Do you even undertand what is going on in the Maldives, or you are doinf one of your fund raisers a favour with this question?

Well I dont know how a person who represents a people can say this:

"I believe that everyone who's working will have enough food if they don't spend the money on other things. There is a choice there that if you spend money on food to start off with.. if you earn anything or you have the minimum wage, you will have some money for food. The question is what other things the money is being spent on." 

* Oh, by the way, its not my heading. Its here!

Little wonder that MDP Government has so much allegations on their connections to Salisbury!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Employment mistake.

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Dear Employee,

I lived and ordinary life, earning an average income living as happily as I could with the limited resources available here in my island. I can remember well, as it was only a couple of years ago that you came to me begging for a job. I did tell you of my reservations, as I knew you did not even finish Grade 5, but the guy who came with you really convinced me that you were the best as you will be loyal! (I misunderstood that part, I thought loyal to me, not to him, again my bad).

You said only I can give you the job and you did make quite a few promises. Should you get the job, you promised to get us one more doctor in the health centre. You promised to visit us once in a while, and most importantly, you promised to work hard so that my life will be better. I had to agree, you were also quite convincing and I did give you the job.

How I regret that now. The first thing you did was NOT go to work. If you go to work, you create such a disturbance that even others are unable to do any work. Without my knowledge, you took medical insurance which I can only dream of. As though that was not enough, I came to know at the end of the month that I now have to pay you a higher salary than what we agreed on. When I said I can’t afford it, all you did was show me your middle finger, and said read the contract.

Did you know that I was just paying Rf 525/- to the guy who was doing your job just about as bad as you back in 1990. I used to earn Rf 1,000/- then. Imagine over just 20 years you have increased your salary to 60,000/- with an additional 20,000/- for doing your job totalling Rf 80,000/- . (I am still wondering how that part works because I am sure you are not doing your job, you could as well have bundled it with the salary)

Within 20 years, you are now earning 20 times what the guy in the same job earned in 1990, where as I could only improve it just 6 times, and that too by putting in 16 hours a day, 6.5 days a week. There is little choice, after you showed me the finger, the first thing I did was read the contract, and I found that you had put in a clause which enables you to draw whatever salary you want and I can’t even fire you!

Your behaviour is also embarrassing me. This is a small islang and we all know each other. When you go around the capital screaming like a mad person they show it on TV (Yes we can see MNBC1 here) and people talk, they insult me because I employed you.  They are saying that because of your filth, children cant watch TV anymore. The other day my friend in the Police station told me that forget arresting you, they can’t even stop you because you have even that covered in the contract. They told me about what you were suspected to have done, and I don’t want to even mention it here. I never imagined that you would stoop that low.

After doing all this, and despite me going in debt to pay you , you have taken money from that guy opposite my house and you are now doing his work. I know that he gave you a car also, I may be simple but I am not a fool. I definitely did not pay you enough to buy a plot of land in Male’! I know it because I do keep account of every rufiyaa that I pay you.

Please tell me this. Why did you come to me? What harm have I ever done to you, to do this to me and my family? I believe in one good deed deserves another, but this is what you returned to me, misery nothing but misery. I am paying you not because I can afford it, but because you increased your salary after I employed you without even asking me. (Me being ignorant, I did not understand the fine print that said you could do so) I am borrowing money to pay you and even my children won’t be able to pay off the debt.

At least have the decency to do your job rather than running around cursing the one who is in debt to pay you. If you dont want to work, at least don't do damage which cant be undone by someone else.

Thank you.

Your Broke Employer

PS : I read the contract again and you know what? Your contact is expiring on 5 years from employment. Take this as notice of termination of your contract exactly on completion of 5 years.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Only MDP members will get housing units.

8th January 2012


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MDP Parliamentary member Mohamed Shifaz (Baarah Constituency) stated in an official function that the right of benefit of their (the Government’s) projects should first be given to MDP members. He specifically referred to the MDP manifesto’s housing for all promise, under which the Government has a number of ongoing apartment and housing projects. “I wish to state that I do not want anyone else to get a flat until all of us (MDP members) have got flats”.

Shifaz may have forgotten that “we” in his constituency means 32.7% of the electorate if we go by the total votes he got. He won with 870 votes in with a voter turn out of 2104. He probably does not realise that with his words he has alienated two thirds of his own electorate.

(Haveeru News)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Campaign management

Code of Conduct for Political Parties. Original document available here.

1) A party that has subscribed to this Code will –

(a) respect the right and freedom of all other parties to campaign, and to
disseminate their political ideas and principles without fear;

(b) conduct itself in a manner that respects the rights of other parties, and respects
the rights of voters and other members of the community;

(c) respect the freedom of the press; (d) use its good offices to seek to ensure
reasonable freedom of access by all parties to all potential voters; and

(e) seek to ensure that potential voters wishing to participate in related
political activities have freedom to do so.


(2) A party that has subscribed to this Code will not –

(a) harass or obstruct journalists who are engaged in their professional activities;
disrupt, destroy or frustrate the campaign efforts of any other other party;

(b) prevent the distribution of handbills and leaflets, and the display of posters,
of other parties and candidates;

(c) deface or destroy the posters of other parties and candidates;

(d) prevent any other party from holding rallies, meetings, marches or

(e) seek to prevent any person from attending the political rallies of
another party; or

(f) permit its supporters to do anything prohibited by this section.


The election process

(1) A party that has subscribed to this Code will –

(a) co-operate with election officials in order to ensure –

(i) peaceful and orderly polling, and
(ii) complete freedom for voters to exercise their franchise without being subjected to any annoyance or obstructions;

(b) ensure the safety and security of electoral officials before, during and after the polls;

(c) respect and co-operate with official or accredited election observers; and

(d) maintain and aid in maintaining the secrecy of the voting.

(2) A party that has subscribed to this Code will not –

(a) procure votes by forcible occupation of polling stations or through illegal
activities in the polling stations;

(b) interfere unjustifiably or in bad faith with the duties of election officials, disturb the process of casting or
counting of votes; or

(c) falsely assert to voters that their votes will not be secret