Monday, January 23, 2012

Employment mistake.

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Dear Employee,

I lived and ordinary life, earning an average income living as happily as I could with the limited resources available here in my island. I can remember well, as it was only a couple of years ago that you came to me begging for a job. I did tell you of my reservations, as I knew you did not even finish Grade 5, but the guy who came with you really convinced me that you were the best as you will be loyal! (I misunderstood that part, I thought loyal to me, not to him, again my bad).

You said only I can give you the job and you did make quite a few promises. Should you get the job, you promised to get us one more doctor in the health centre. You promised to visit us once in a while, and most importantly, you promised to work hard so that my life will be better. I had to agree, you were also quite convincing and I did give you the job.

How I regret that now. The first thing you did was NOT go to work. If you go to work, you create such a disturbance that even others are unable to do any work. Without my knowledge, you took medical insurance which I can only dream of. As though that was not enough, I came to know at the end of the month that I now have to pay you a higher salary than what we agreed on. When I said I can’t afford it, all you did was show me your middle finger, and said read the contract.

Did you know that I was just paying Rf 525/- to the guy who was doing your job just about as bad as you back in 1990. I used to earn Rf 1,000/- then. Imagine over just 20 years you have increased your salary to 60,000/- with an additional 20,000/- for doing your job totalling Rf 80,000/- . (I am still wondering how that part works because I am sure you are not doing your job, you could as well have bundled it with the salary)

Within 20 years, you are now earning 20 times what the guy in the same job earned in 1990, where as I could only improve it just 6 times, and that too by putting in 16 hours a day, 6.5 days a week. There is little choice, after you showed me the finger, the first thing I did was read the contract, and I found that you had put in a clause which enables you to draw whatever salary you want and I can’t even fire you!

Your behaviour is also embarrassing me. This is a small islang and we all know each other. When you go around the capital screaming like a mad person they show it on TV (Yes we can see MNBC1 here) and people talk, they insult me because I employed you.  They are saying that because of your filth, children cant watch TV anymore. The other day my friend in the Police station told me that forget arresting you, they can’t even stop you because you have even that covered in the contract. They told me about what you were suspected to have done, and I don’t want to even mention it here. I never imagined that you would stoop that low.

After doing all this, and despite me going in debt to pay you , you have taken money from that guy opposite my house and you are now doing his work. I know that he gave you a car also, I may be simple but I am not a fool. I definitely did not pay you enough to buy a plot of land in Male’! I know it because I do keep account of every rufiyaa that I pay you.

Please tell me this. Why did you come to me? What harm have I ever done to you, to do this to me and my family? I believe in one good deed deserves another, but this is what you returned to me, misery nothing but misery. I am paying you not because I can afford it, but because you increased your salary after I employed you without even asking me. (Me being ignorant, I did not understand the fine print that said you could do so) I am borrowing money to pay you and even my children won’t be able to pay off the debt.

At least have the decency to do your job rather than running around cursing the one who is in debt to pay you. If you dont want to work, at least don't do damage which cant be undone by someone else.

Thank you.

Your Broke Employer

PS : I read the contract again and you know what? Your contact is expiring on 5 years from employment. Take this as notice of termination of your contract exactly on completion of 5 years.

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