Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Only MDP members will get housing units.

8th January 2012


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MDP Parliamentary member Mohamed Shifaz (Baarah Constituency) stated in an official function that the right of benefit of their (the Government’s) projects should first be given to MDP members. He specifically referred to the MDP manifesto’s housing for all promise, under which the Government has a number of ongoing apartment and housing projects. “I wish to state that I do not want anyone else to get a flat until all of us (MDP members) have got flats”.

Shifaz may have forgotten that “we” in his constituency means 32.7% of the electorate if we go by the total votes he got. He won with 870 votes in with a voter turn out of 2104. He probably does not realise that with his words he has alienated two thirds of his own electorate.

(Haveeru News)

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