Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shall not benefit themselves improperly!

Article 75

When carrying out their duties, Members of Majlis shall give priority to national interests and welfare of the people. They shall not use their positions in anyway to benefit anyone with special relations to them or themselves. When representing their Constituency, they shall consider the benefit to the people of the country.

I don't have to pint it out, but you will all know from the above that few or maybe none of the Members of Majlis are following the above Article.

Article 102

The President, Vice President, members of the Cabinet, members of the People’s Majlis, including the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, members of the Judiciary, and members of the Independent Commissions and Independent Offices shall be paid such salary and
allowances as determined by the People’s Majlis.

Article 103

The members of the People’s Majlis and persons appointed or employed by them shall not use their position or any information entrusted to them to improperly benefit themselves or any other person.

It is clear from Article 103, that the Constitution does not give the Majlis Members a freehand to decide their salaries and allowances as they please, they are obliged by the Constitution not to benefit themselves improperly.

However, what can we do, there is a spoiler! We can’t sack them nor go to Court because they took a big fat salary, however we can challenge the law, contending that it contravenes with Article 75 and Article 103.

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