Thursday, December 30, 2010

A tip to encourage MPs to attend–its cheaper this way!


The public outcry during the last two days should have sent a strong message to the Members of Parliament. Over the last few years, while most other sectors had pay cuts, MPs have been increasing their allowances and perks.

Arguments much as MP Mahloof’s that people come to MPs daily for financial assistance and that “he” was in debt show exactly what should not be done. Individuals need not be helped financially from the pockets of MPs, it is their duty to identify the problem, and find a solution to the community rather than paying off the individuals. If it is an exceptional case of medical assistance, whoelse but their MP will be able to guide them to the proper channel and ensure that the help is given.

As a percentage of GDP, the total salary and perks for a Member of Parliament on Maldives are way above fully developed countries. In addition, now they are “authorising” Rf 20,000/= to be paid for attending Majlis Comittees and Import Duty concession of another half a million (most likely as BMW and Mercs will be the likely choices).

Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim was quoted in the media saying that the allowance has not been finalised as yet and that it is to be disbursed as per advise of the Financial Comittee. He also said the purpose of the allowance was to try to encourage the MPs to attend more comittee meeting!

Well, why are we the paope paying MPs Rf 72,000/- a month?  If you want to encourage members to attend, here’s just a small tip, it will save us a considerable amount. Peg their pay to the attendance, thats what everyone except the Majlis does, and it does encourage people to turn up for work!

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