Thursday, July 22, 2010


The first multi party Parliamentary election under the new Constitution was held on 9th May 2009. 455 Candidates competed for 77 seats. The results based on party affiliation were as following:
DRP – 29 seats
MDP – 25 seats
PA – 7 seats
QP – 2 seats
JP – 1 seat
Independents – 13 seats
As DRP and PA went into the election as a coalition, combined they controlled 36 seat, but still short of even a simple majority. However it should be noted that DRP did not field a candidate in 5 constituencies where Independents were elected hence, these Independents may be considered “friendly” to them.
Since then, old alliances have been broken, new alliances made and some members have changed their party allegiances. The current membership as per local media is as following.
MDP – 30 seats
DRP – 28 seats
PA – 7 seats
Independents – 9 seats
QP – 2 seats
JP – 1 seat
Regardless of party, what we hear most from politicians nowadays are some common words, “publc”, “citizen”, and “people” . It seems both the Government and Opposition are all adamant that they are fighting for the “peoples’ rights”. This is where I am getting a little unsure, who are these people? The voters of this country are divided as following:
As per the figures of July 2010 from Elections Commission, 101.862 people (48%) are not members of any Political Party. Both the “BIG” parties are just 18% (each) of the adult population.
Honourable Members, please consider the above. You took an oath to uphold our rights. It is clear that the majority of the population, who will eventually swing any election held do not subscribe to party politics. Please exercise your votes keeping the national interest as your first priority. Hence when you say people, please do not disregard those of us who have not yet registered any colours!

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