Thursday, July 22, 2010


Points to debate, was it the best decision ? The second picture is the Article regarding the “consent” for Ministers.


Rough Translation of the last Point of Order of People’s Special Majlis.

Hansard -

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President’s Member Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed.

Honourable Speaker,

I wish to point out to you that in the corrections submitted to this sitting today, in additional to dictation corrections  there are some amendments because of which changes the substance of the Article. One example is in the Chapter – The President, we had passed and Article which prohibited the President from engaging in business, however now there amendment says something like he cannot be actively involved in business, these changed the meaning of the Article which was passed. We had voted for these Articles based on the meanings hence if you are going to ask for a block for such (amendments which changed the substance of Articles which were voted by Majlis), we are agreeable even to that. There are amendments which we agree and some which we diagree, hence the opportunity to vote for these changes should be there. If you call for a vote any other way, I wish to put on record that I will not take part in it.

Speaker – Hon Qasim Ibrahim

How you decide to vote in in your discretion Honourable Member. I do not wish to comment in that.

Honorable Members. Please insert your cards. First I will call for a vote for dictation corrections. Then I will call for a vote for amendments due to conflicts from Article to Article. It (Voting) will be in two parts. I will not give any opportunity  for (point of order to) any Member anymore.


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