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Male’ –20-07-2010

In a sign that the Government is not about to let go of the corruption scandal within the Parliament, Maldives Police Service detained Dhiggaru MP Mr.Ahmed Nazim and Thimarafushi MP Mohamed Musthafa during the early hours today.  Both were detained for investingations relating to bribing a Judge in Civil Court. Both Nazim and Musthafa have ongoing cases in the Civil Cout.

Maldives Police Service said that USD 6,000/- and an overseas trip was given to the Judge. However they did not identify whether it was Nazim or Musthafa who paid.  Musthafa is the first MP from the ruling MDP to be detained. Police had secured warrants of arrest from the Civil Court. They are to be presented in front of the Judge in Civil Court before 12 today.


Nazim and Musthafa were presented to Civil Court today. After hearing the case, the Judge Abdulla Mohamed has ordered that both be released from custody arounf 6pm. In his statement Judge Abdulla Mohamed said that he did not find grounds for further detention as per Article 49 of the Constitution. Even though they are released Maldives Police Service said they were continuing the investigations.

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